Friday, August 31, 2007

Eight Austrian films with festival in Toronto

In Toronto instead of in Venice the new film of Hans Weingartner (“the fat years are past”) celebrates its world premiere. For the first time nearly parallel to the large A-festival at the Lido “Free Rainer” is presented to Gregor Bloeb with Moritz remain-faithfully and as “Special presentation” with the festival in Canada (6. until 15 September).

While it created this year no Austrian film in the program of Venice, equivalent eight domestic productions run in Toronto. Beside “Free Rainer” celebrates also “white lilies” from Christian frog his world premiere.

Monitoring in the “apartment tower”
The thriller around monitoring and control in the closed “apartment tower” new city runs approximately in the rail “vision”, likewise Ulrich Seidls Cannes contribution “import export”. In addition “Contemporary World Cinema” Stefan Ruzowitzkys “the counterfeiters” always never come, Antonin Svobodas “at the sea” as well as in the row “Wavelengths” Heinz Emigholz' “Schindlers of houses” in the row.