Friday, August 31, 2007

If films are too long in the cinema

Also an industrious Kinogänger as I, misses already times a film. That is bitter, but a typical Grossstädter problem. If a new cash hit achieves the local light plays, I think frequently:
“Well, I wait rather still two weeks, then the cinema is no longer full so. I live in the large city and the film run still eternally.”
If I remember then after months again, are the two weeks naturally long past. And to the strips it into my public library created (one week check-out counter 1, - €, instead of 3,80 € per day in the Videothek), flows still another quantity water the Düssel down.

Fortunately there is however a side in the net, which versüsst me the waiting period.
Not only that a quantity of classical authors is offered there.
Also new films, which do not miss to a certain hypes, are shown there. The only crack point: The English original versions are shown.
Naja, “English” tunes, “version” also, but “original” is excessively high-stacked.

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