Friday, August 31, 2007

British films in Venice

The film festivals from Venice were opened yesterday with the filming of the best-seller “apology” by Ian McEwan. Marcus Berkmann is astonished that “a certain kind from British films to important corner points in the culture calendar (and therefore in the PR) it became. Such a film plays in all probability in the past, where there are still leftovers of the English land life… Alternatively such a film can play also abroad, preferentially somewhere, where it is weld-rubbing terriblly hot and… In more modern films all absolutely live in the north of London, in houses, which are much larger, than one could afford them in reality… Should it worry us that these films do not have any purchase to the life, which one lives today in Great Britain? Probably not. Over this whole stuff nobody wants to see a film, even if that is differently maintained. Finally it is not coincidence that the remainder of the world sees us still as courageously, stoisch and easily suppressed, although the opposite is obvious.”

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