Friday, August 31, 2007

“Schauen it gladly films by much force?”

In that Hamburg work agency Hartz IV receivers are confronted after information MIRRORS with a bizarren questionnaire. The authority wants to know eating habits, video preferences, even attitudes to the love. One wants to only help “properly matching”, protests the agency.

Hamburg - on behalf the working group (bad) team work Hamburg provides the society for innovation research and consultation (GIVE) systematically to Psychogramme, in which unemployed persons are asked also for very personal inclinations and abilities. The office does not only want to know whether the Hartz IV receivers their food plan aufpeppen gladly with “exotic courts (e.g. from India, Japan and Mexico)”. Are from interest obviously also their answers to the question whether “the life was so bad in the GDR not at all”, whether “gladly films are looked at, in which much force occurs” or whether one would find it beautiful, if “a love holds a whole life”.

Finally the question emerges, whether “things can help such as Tarot, crystals or Mandalas” the unemployed person, “in difficult life situations the correct decision to meet” and whether “Christian value conceptions do not play a role”.

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