Friday, August 31, 2007

Eight Austrian films with festival in Toronto

In Toronto instead of in Venice the new film of Hans Weingartner (“the fat years are past”) celebrates its world premiere. For the first time nearly parallel to the large A-festival at the Lido “Free Rainer” is presented to Gregor Bloeb with Moritz remain-faithfully and as “Special presentation” with the festival in Canada (6. until 15 September).

While it created this year no Austrian film in the program of Venice, equivalent eight domestic productions run in Toronto. Beside “Free Rainer” celebrates also “white lilies” from Christian frog his world premiere.

Monitoring in the “apartment tower”
The thriller around monitoring and control in the closed “apartment tower” new city runs approximately in the rail “vision”, likewise Ulrich Seidls Cannes contribution “import export”. In addition “Contemporary World Cinema” Stefan Ruzowitzkys “the counterfeiters” always never come, Antonin Svobodas “at the sea” as well as in the row “Wavelengths” Heinz Emigholz' “Schindlers of houses” in the row.

Germany turns films like a world champion

The pot is half empty - or still half fully. 31.243.000 euro flowed off to at the end of of July of the 60 million from the German film promotion fund (DFFF), annually the available, with which the government to 2009 wants to set production in motion in this country. 120 projects were advised - 45 came so far into the benefit of the money.
Was Nico of Glasows small documentary film „Nobody' s Perfect “over the reaction of its environment to physically obstructed humans just like Leander of house man best-seller adaptation „why men not to listen and “, Til Schweigers romantic comedy cannot in-park women „no ear hares “, Andreas Dresens „cloud nine “or Vanessa Jopps Patchwork Christmas with the title „my beautiful giving “and Nicolai Rohdes „the pilot “, who brings up for discussion the psychological consequences of the air disaster at the Bodensee, where two airplanes in air collided.

“Schauen it gladly films by much force?”

In that Hamburg work agency Hartz IV receivers are confronted after information MIRRORS with a bizarren questionnaire. The authority wants to know eating habits, video preferences, even attitudes to the love. One wants to only help “properly matching”, protests the agency.

Hamburg - on behalf the working group (bad) team work Hamburg provides the society for innovation research and consultation (GIVE) systematically to Psychogramme, in which unemployed persons are asked also for very personal inclinations and abilities. The office does not only want to know whether the Hartz IV receivers their food plan aufpeppen gladly with “exotic courts (e.g. from India, Japan and Mexico)”. Are from interest obviously also their answers to the question whether “the life was so bad in the GDR not at all”, whether “gladly films are looked at, in which much force occurs” or whether one would find it beautiful, if “a love holds a whole life”.

Finally the question emerges, whether “things can help such as Tarot, crystals or Mandalas” the unemployed person, “in difficult life situations the correct decision to meet” and whether “Christian value conceptions do not play a role”.

Splendid film - Hollywood: '' Armaan - love is not available ''

An old asiatic proverb means: ? Only who swims against the river, comes to the source?. Exactly after this guiding principle Bollywood films act out of India. By fresh and color-glad opening they lift themselves pleasantly from the usual? Hollywood Einerlei? off and their fans pull world-wide into its spell. The dance atypical for western conditions? and singing inserts contribute their remaining to the fact that Bollywood of films in the meantime those? Pours? success reached. With the DVD? Highlight? Armaan? Doesn't love is available? Splendid film successfully continues its Bollywood row and brings you a stormy celebration of the senses home.

The young neurosurgeon Dr. Akash Sinha (Anil Kapoor) stands before a difficult decision. After his foster father Dr. Siddharth Sinha (Amitabah Bachchan) at a cardiac infarct died and an enormous debt mountain to his son left, the young physician must decide either for the financial advantages by a marriage with the delicate Sonia (Preity Zinta) or for his love for the young Anästhesistin Dr. Neha Mathur (Gracy Singh). The legacy of the father demands the highest price… the love.

Films, films, films: The cinema autumn 2007

From Hollywood Blockbustern to Dokus from Austria: New among other things of David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott and Fatih Akin
Vienna - from Blockbustern to time-historical documentations the coming cinema autumn offers the full pallet: The “Bourne ultimatum”, the third and last part of the agent row with matt Damon, starts it on 7 September in the cinema, continues to go with the thriller “Eastern Promises” from Suspense professional David Cronenberg (end of the yearly). In the main roles: “Aragorn” Viggo Mortensen and Naomi of Watt. A highlight promises the crime film “American gangster” from “Alien” - to become director Ridley Scott. In true history with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in the main roles goes it around a Drogenboss, which smuggles heroin in coffins of pleased GI's during the Viet Nam war into the USA (starting from 16 November).

Film museum:Into the autumn

“The game Bunch”: Works from the USA and Italy from 31 August to 30 September - season prelude with place problems and “laboratory” - plans
Vienna - to the prelude of the autumn season the Austrian film museum from 31 August presents game Bunch to 30 September with “The - late Western 1960-1995” the second part of its large Western project. After “The Big Sky - American Western of the 50's” in September 2006 stands now the after-classical phase of the category in the center. 34 films from the USA and from Italy, of “The Magnificent Seven” (“glorious filters”, 1960) to “DEAD one” (1995), tell of the extinction of the west, its utopias and its Legenden.Der Spätwestern therefore receive a “against-cultural” Kraft: When he opens reaction to important political and social developments of the 1960er and 70's in the USA strongly dark width unit a picture of American history and present, which can be reconstructed at the works by SAM Peckinpah, Sergio Leone or Arthur Penn. At the beginning of this development the change of the Westernhelden stands to a “Professional” without family and social connection - a figure, which defines itself more over cool technical Könnerschaft than over values.

Two films over Hinterkaifeck

When it strikes the photographer Marc with its son in the Bavarian Kaifeck, the two can enjoy the rural idyl only briefly. Already soon they discover a Einödhof, which was 1922 scene of a cruel crime. Suddenly at night inexplicable things and Marc happen turn out into the suction of the past. So deeply that it brings even its son in mortal danger. … Esther Gronenborn had carried for a long time the idea with itself to make a motion picture film over the unsettled sixfold murder on the Hinterkaifecker Einödhof (district Neuburg Schrobenhausen). For a long time before Andrea Maria Schenkel with its best-seller “Tannöd” directed again the public interest in the case.

But the rain eating urine interfered other film projects, as for example “” - a feature, for which them received 2001 numerous honors and which meant the break-through for the 40-Jährige. Now however Hinterkaifeck, Gronenborns topic lines up could also the production companies convince: The film over Hinterkaifeck in co-operation with the again created new cinema world film production from Leipzig and the Seven Pictures film from Unterföhring produce 24 Frames film from Munich. It is promoted by the film television funds Bavaria, the Central German medium promotion and the medium board Berlin Brandenburg. The cinema start is planned for 8 January 2009.

McGregor abhors “star Wars” - films

The actor revealed that the Science Fiction strip pleases it to few, when he recently a Scottish Hospiz visited and the father of a small patient with an incurable illness asked him for his best and worst films.

Hamish Glasgow, whose three-year son Cameron at the rare Hoyeraal Hreidarsson syndrome suffers: “Ewan was really uncomplicated, it was mad with Cameron. Completely relaxed and one could see that he is a correctly good father. He said, its favourite film, which he made, is “Trainspotting”, and to few he liked “star Wars”.” McGregor has the dark threat”, “attack of the Klonkrieger” and “the revenge of the Sith” in three “star Wars” - films along - “.

Neo-Nazi films are to disappear

The anti-Semitic Nazi rushing film “Jud sweet” can be found on Youtube likewise, like zig further right propaganda films. On the other hand now politics and the Central Council of the Jews want to proceed judicially - and not only in Germany.

With the Internet portal YouTube are freely accessible according to to a pool of broadcasting corporations report forbidden neo-Nazi propaganda films and indicated hate videos. YouTube has report Mainz” on more than 100 warnings of, which does not react to Internet checking device of the Lands of the Federal Republic, reported the pool of broadcasting corporations magazine “.

Before the background of the recent strange-hostile attacks the speaker relating to domestic affairs of the SPD Bundestag faction, demanded Dieter Wiefelspütz, staatsanwaltschaftliche determinations against YouTube because of the spreading of right-wing extremist video. The facts of the aid for incitement of the masses are fulfilled, said it to the pool of broadcasting corporations magazine. “It is urgent at the time that the responsible public prosecutor takes up the determinations. That must be stopped. That is scandalous that like that something is possible in Germany”, the SPD politician quoted.

New films around love, German Federal Armed Forces and sport

GET from today on two new comedies into the Cineplex ton lake A drama into the pallets and A documentation into the Capitol.

„License for marrying “is emergency A classical dear comedy, on the contrary. History begins with A Liebespaar. Ben Murphy (John Krasinski) and Sadie Jones (Mandy OF of swampland) want ton marry.

The thing has however A hook: Sadie is member OF the PC. - Augustine church, and leads Minister franc (Robin Williams) there the regiment - gives Ben and Sadie it its benediction only, after they completed its marriage preparatory course. Ministers Franks curriculum consists homework “and intimate Schnüffeleien OF turned off lessons, haarsträubenden „.

“TV-spectators like films, which know them”

Dominik emperor, why I am to look 3+? Every time I reinzappe, runs C.S.I. - which I have on DVD. Also I know the bond films, which run on Saturday, by heart.

Dominik emperor: All spectators do not function completely like you. We show many series and films, because they arrive very good. The straight 22 bond strips want to see many spectators again and again. Large Blockbusterfilme is again and again gladly seen. Thus it is similar as with the children, who want to always hear the same good eight-history. Many spectators rather regard the consequence of a well-known and popular series, they try a new out.

They announced many own productions, from which we saw still nothing. You shifted the start of the new show “Supermodel”. What are the current conditions?

Widower spreads pornographische films

Sing under Berücksichtung to that continuously precarious family situation stopped the district court a singing the procedure because of spreading of pornographischer writings against a 52-jährigen widowers provisionally.

To the buyer was accused twelve films of pornographischen contents and innumerable photos of same nature over a Shareware program in the Internet everyone accessible to have made also Internet users under eighteen years.

Just at the time, when policemen had visited the dwelling of the accused due to another affair, had been active two its computer in enterprise and the Shareware program, so that other Internet users the pornographischen films could load themselves unhindered on their computers. The officials seized immediately the complete computer equipment of the accused one of, three computers and a monitor.

Local cinema Luebeck: “Other films differently show”

Luebeck - with the reopening of the local cinema Luebeck tomorrow here the rescuers have a saying starting from. Arne Feddersen, chairman of the promotion association, over the future course.
Lubecker: They fought for the preservation of the local cinema. Why this commitment?
Arne Feddersen: Because it a completely important culture carrier in Luebeck is fulfilled and important medium-educational tasks. Local film work means to show films beyond from commercial interests to. In rows, in Workshops and with introductions. In addition we look not only, which gives it new, but look also back. We see films as art, want the citizens film history and film culture to near-bring.

British films in Venice

The film festivals from Venice were opened yesterday with the filming of the best-seller “apology” by Ian McEwan. Marcus Berkmann is astonished that “a certain kind from British films to important corner points in the culture calendar (and therefore in the PR) it became. Such a film plays in all probability in the past, where there are still leftovers of the English land life… Alternatively such a film can play also abroad, preferentially somewhere, where it is weld-rubbing terriblly hot and… In more modern films all absolutely live in the north of London, in houses, which are much larger, than one could afford them in reality… Should it worry us that these films do not have any purchase to the life, which one lives today in Great Britain? Probably not. Over this whole stuff nobody wants to see a film, even if that is differently maintained. Finally it is not coincidence that the remainder of the world sees us still as courageously, stoisch and easily suppressed, although the opposite is obvious.”

If films are too long in the cinema

Also an industrious Kinogänger as I, misses already times a film. That is bitter, but a typical Grossstädter problem. If a new cash hit achieves the local light plays, I think frequently:
“Well, I wait rather still two weeks, then the cinema is no longer full so. I live in the large city and the film run still eternally.”
If I remember then after months again, are the two weeks naturally long past. And to the strips it into my public library created (one week check-out counter 1, - €, instead of 3,80 € per day in the Videothek), flows still another quantity water the Düssel down.

Fortunately there is however a side in the net, which versüsst me the waiting period.
Not only that a quantity of classical authors is offered there.
Also new films, which do not miss to a certain hypes, are shown there. The only crack point: The English original versions are shown.
Naja, “English” tunes, “version” also, but “original” is excessively high-stacked.