Friday, August 31, 2007

Two films over Hinterkaifeck

When it strikes the photographer Marc with its son in the Bavarian Kaifeck, the two can enjoy the rural idyl only briefly. Already soon they discover a Einödhof, which was 1922 scene of a cruel crime. Suddenly at night inexplicable things and Marc happen turn out into the suction of the past. So deeply that it brings even its son in mortal danger. … Esther Gronenborn had carried for a long time the idea with itself to make a motion picture film over the unsettled sixfold murder on the Hinterkaifecker Einödhof (district Neuburg Schrobenhausen). For a long time before Andrea Maria Schenkel with its best-seller “Tannöd” directed again the public interest in the case.

But the rain eating urine interfered other film projects, as for example “” - a feature, for which them received 2001 numerous honors and which meant the break-through for the 40-Jährige. Now however Hinterkaifeck, Gronenborns topic lines up could also the production companies convince: The film over Hinterkaifeck in co-operation with the again created new cinema world film production from Leipzig and the Seven Pictures film from Unterföhring produce 24 Frames film from Munich. It is promoted by the film television funds Bavaria, the Central German medium promotion and the medium board Berlin Brandenburg. The cinema start is planned for 8 January 2009.

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