Friday, August 31, 2007

“TV-spectators like films, which know them”

Dominik emperor, why I am to look 3+? Every time I reinzappe, runs C.S.I. - which I have on DVD. Also I know the bond films, which run on Saturday, by heart.

Dominik emperor: All spectators do not function completely like you. We show many series and films, because they arrive very good. The straight 22 bond strips want to see many spectators again and again. Large Blockbusterfilme is again and again gladly seen. Thus it is similar as with the children, who want to always hear the same good eight-history. Many spectators rather regard the consequence of a well-known and popular series, they try a new out.

They announced many own productions, from which we saw still nothing. You shifted the start of the new show “Supermodel”. What are the current conditions?

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