Friday, August 31, 2007

Film museum:Into the autumn

“The game Bunch”: Works from the USA and Italy from 31 August to 30 September - season prelude with place problems and “laboratory” - plans
Vienna - to the prelude of the autumn season the Austrian film museum from 31 August presents game Bunch to 30 September with “The - late Western 1960-1995” the second part of its large Western project. After “The Big Sky - American Western of the 50's” in September 2006 stands now the after-classical phase of the category in the center. 34 films from the USA and from Italy, of “The Magnificent Seven” (“glorious filters”, 1960) to “DEAD one” (1995), tell of the extinction of the west, its utopias and its Legenden.Der Spätwestern therefore receive a “against-cultural” Kraft: When he opens reaction to important political and social developments of the 1960er and 70's in the USA strongly dark width unit a picture of American history and present, which can be reconstructed at the works by SAM Peckinpah, Sergio Leone or Arthur Penn. At the beginning of this development the change of the Westernhelden stands to a “Professional” without family and social connection - a figure, which defines itself more over cool technical Könnerschaft than over values.

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