Friday, August 31, 2007

Germany turns films like a world champion

The pot is half empty - or still half fully. 31.243.000 euro flowed off to at the end of of July of the 60 million from the German film promotion fund (DFFF), annually the available, with which the government to 2009 wants to set production in motion in this country. 120 projects were advised - 45 came so far into the benefit of the money.
Was Nico of Glasows small documentary film „Nobody' s Perfect “over the reaction of its environment to physically obstructed humans just like Leander of house man best-seller adaptation „why men not to listen and “, Til Schweigers romantic comedy cannot in-park women „no ear hares “, Andreas Dresens „cloud nine “or Vanessa Jopps Patchwork Christmas with the title „my beautiful giving “and Nicolai Rohdes „the pilot “, who brings up for discussion the psychological consequences of the air disaster at the Bodensee, where two airplanes in air collided.

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